Thursday, June 15, 2006


I am coming home on the 30th of june for kellys graduation party. It's going to be a short visit and there are so many people to if you want to see me here is an invite to the party its on the 1st of july at 1 in the afternoon. i am not posting directions bc i don't want some random person who stumbles across my blog showing up for free food...and believe me the food will be good! so if you want to come email me and i'll give you directions and stuff. hope to see you there!


Blogger lucas said...

what? no trips to the mountain of gold to drink wine?

6/16/2006 12:09 AM  
Blogger Frankita said...

hi. sorry i couldn't make it to the party. it was great to talk to you on the phone though! i hope you're traveling back went well. i can't wait to see you at steve's wedding!!

7/12/2006 7:39 PM  

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