Tuesday, May 16, 2006



a lot of things have happen but only a few of note

my dearest lady died two months ago....if you don't already know lady was my dog. She was 12 years old when she passed from a blood clot. this is the only picture of her that i have on my computer. bridgette took it christmas morning 2005. i am not going to try to explain how much she meant to me and how cool of a dog she was bc i don't feel like crying tonight but you should know that she was the best!

my parents got a new puppy a few weeks ago....
not sure how i feel about that but from what i hear the new pup is a little rascal. his name is clyde and he is a black and sable collie

i received a job promotion. i am now an operations lead in training...i am basically learning how to run the store from behind the scenes which as is turns out is harder then it looks.

my car has broken down twice

the grey's anatomy season finally made me cry my eyes out! i can't believe denny died!!! if you haven't seen it yet sorry if i gave away the ending

i am trying to finish the divinci code before the movie comes out on the 19th

i think its funny that people are boycotting the film.....people are so narrow minded

i went to my first harley davidson biker/ cinco de mayo party in topeka kansas...i met some very interesting charecters and danced a bit of salsa

if you are looking for an interesting book to read try heaven's mirror by graham hancock it kinda makes you wonder about what you've been taught and what's actually the truth...i am secretly hoping someone i know will read it so i can discuss it and not have to revert to an online chat about the book...

i am considering an audition for west side story...but that would keep us out here awhile...hmmm what to do?