Thursday, January 26, 2006

squats and lunges seal my fate

i have become immobilized from my pursuit of beautiful thighs. peter and i are possibly venturing out to hawaii in may. i am trying to contain my excitement about the possible trip until i know it is a done deal. the thought of running around in a bikini in hawaii has spurred me into action. i worked out with peter two days ago and was truly inspired. i did lunges, squats, calf name it. i felt strong, in control, and gorgeous even in my old pj pants and fleece pullover that has been my uniform for the past three days. perhaps that is gross but i am in darlington pa and i don't think the cows will mind. i went to bed with visions of sunsets and perfectly sculpted legs.......

i am now enduring day two of my workout's revenge and feeling less than attractive as i waddle around the house.... it hurts to sit, stand, or walk. I believe every muscle in my legs is burning and tight. i fear bending and kneeling, and the steps and toilet are my sworn enemies. I have been sore like this before and lived, and it really isn't so bad when you can walk around in sweats at home and avoid having to sit or stand too much. Unfortunately i have to perform in a show tonight... glide out on stage exuding poise and sophistication in three and half inch heels, begin my monologue, and then sit down only to bound up from my seat in a moment of clarity to finish my delivery. easy enough right, well...not for these legs at least not tonight. i have to brace myself to sit without trying to sit while keeping sex appeal and without the slightest hint of pain will be my greatest challenge yet. well not quite, but it will be hard. perhaps i will be fine or perhaps i will half sit half fall into the chair and then call to one of the dancers to help hoist me back out of the chair again and hope no one notices. who knows maybe this will push me to new heights in my performance and people will rave over it. "did you see her expressions... it was as if she really felt her characters pain" "yes i thought the subtle wince as she sat was brilliant and the way she strained to stand as if giving her last ounce of strength to face her demons and move on with her life...brilliant" can dream

.... needless to say i now fear the stage and its chair.

Monday, January 23, 2006

the blister quartet

One of the coolest guys i know has some of his music up on the web take a listen....

Friday, January 06, 2006

Years of love have been forgot In the hatred of a minute.

Edgar Allen Poe


hangover in process

books- lost motivation to read this week perhaps it will come back

song of the day-anything by bella fea (thanks jamie)

thoughts... very few other than why is it that i can drink 5 shots and be sorta alright the next day but if i have two and a half glasses of RED wine and ...i'm sick? anybody...

things i have to do today- learn my lines for the play, shower, buy colored pencils

things i'd like to do today- fly to paris and drop in at a few fashion shows and then afterwards spend the evening at a cafe smoking and drinking with a few friends

A man without passion is only a latent force, only a possibility, like a stone waiting for the blow from the iron to give forth sparks. - Henre Frederic Amiel

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well this is the movie i was trying to remember the title of on new year's eve. I knew it existed, and i wasn't just imagining it for the sake of conversation. I have a very hard time remembering names and titles and other important info. perhaps if i cared a bit more i would commit these things to memory better. oh well. I am not going to attempt to write a review of this movie for several reasons-
One.... being that i am not critic. this is proven to me over and over again when some of my seemingly more brilliant friends point out things that never crossed my mind after watching movies. Two.... i am not a writer, which you already know if you have read any of my posts in the past. Three.... i watched this movie when i was eight and thought it was brilliant! I don't plan on watching it again and i don't plan on changing my opinion. I remember sitting on my grandma's floor and being engrossed in the movie. I went through each part of it with the characters and felt what they did. I was on pins and needles hoping against all hope that they would survive their adventure and make it home for bedtime! there were a few jokes that went completely over my head but i laughed anyway. i was afraid of the gangs in downtown chicago just like sara and the kids were, and yet i was keenly aware of how odd their outfits looked. when sara caught her boyfriend cheating i hated him even though i wasn't quite sure what he had done. i climbed the skyscrapers, fell for the hero and yes i did make it home in time for bed. I am fairly sure that if you watch the movie you may not experience it the same way i did- unless of couse you are an eight year old little girl seeing it for the first time at your grandma's house while eating little debbie snacks and holding on to your blanky.

Yes i still had a blanky at age eight!
why didn't you?

Good afternoon to lucas. Who has complained that i haven't updated my blog in quite sometime. This is quite true and i am sorry. Don't worry though i feel a great piece on bad 80's movies and nannies coming on......