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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jack Klugman signs booksCreated: 2005-11-18 Jack Klugman signed books Nov. 17 at Border's Books Store, 91st & Metcalf. The popular book brought out many fans and is titled "Tony & Me." Photos by Fran Mattox

This was the coolest thing i have done in awhile. Jack Klugman came to sign copies of his new book Tony and Me at the borders here in the OP. That's short for overland park-where i live, and yes it is a rip off of the OC only the OP doesn't suck. He was one of the coolest guys i have ever met. He talked a little bit about his life as an actor but mostly about his friend Tony Randall. If you don't know already he and Tony were the tv odd couple. The odd couple began as a play by Neil Simon. He was inspired for the play when his brother got a divorce and moved in with a friend who was also divorced. The play opened in NYC at Plymouth Theatre in 1965. Walter Matthau and Art Carney played the roles of Felix and Oscar. Three years later in 1968 Walter Matthau reprised the role of Felix and Jack Lemmon Played Oscar in the movie version. In 1970 the show was born with no involvement from Neil Simon. It was produced by Garry Marshall and starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Tony played the role of Felix and Jack the role of Oscar. On a side note Jack Klugman played the role of Oscar in the broadway play after Art Carney left the role. Jack played the role till the end of its run on Broadway.

The odd couple as a tv show never did great in the ratings but well enough to keep it on the air for five seasons. Jack Klugman won one Golden Globe('74) and two Emmys('71, '73) for his portrayal of Oscar. He and tony Randall became quite good friends over the course of the show. Their friendship lasted until Tony's death May 2004.

I have not read the book so i really can't say if it is good. I think i might start it as my next read. If it is anything like the speech that Mr. Klugman gave i am sure it will be enjoyable and inspirational. When he entered the room it lite up. You heard the effects of his throat surgery* immediately, but he eased the crowd by letting us know it didn't hurt him to talk. He had such energy for being 83 1/2. "When you get to be my age that half is very important." He joked the crowd, but you knew it was the truth. He reminded all of us that our time is very short here on earth. There is never any of it to waste. Honestly i haven't been this moved by a speaker or anyone for that matter, in a long time. He is 83 1/2 years old he is promoting his new book, still acting and is raising money to have a theatre named after Tony Randall. He hasn't given up and it seems he would credit most of that drive to his friend Tony. Tony lived his life much the same way. He worked on many different projects and started his own theatre company for the sole purpose of bringing real plays and excellent acting to underprivilaged kids.

The time i spent listening to Mr. Klugman was wonderful to say the least. I feel lucky to have met him and a fondness for him is in my heart. He encouraged me to stop putting things off. I thank him.

"I never saw a brinks truck following a hearse. .... There is no pot of gold at the end of the's the journey..."~ Jack Klugman

*Mr. Klugman under went throat surgery in 1989 for throat cancer. The doctors had to remove one of his vocal chords.

Friday, November 18, 2005


books being read~
a million little pieces by james frey
pages read today 83

song for the week~
rain by patty griffin
times listened to today 22

three carrots and a tomatoe chopped
four cookies
three glasses of wine

current mood~
sleepy but awake...restless

strange feeling~
i am not a smoker and i really don't even like cigarettes but for some reason i keep thinking about them. i really want to smoke one or four not sure why.

favorite candle~
pumpkin pie from yankee candle

number of times i have turned up the heat~

Number of times peter has turned it back down
five....he's sleeping now

I love this picture. I took it in robbinsville, north carolina while hanging over the balcony off of my bedroom. I get lost in it. It appeared as if tiny diamonds where floating on top of the lake. If you blur your vision and look at it you can just make out a cow. Seriously, try it. Its in the left of the picture. Really its there or i just tricked you into staring at this picture for no good reason....

Silly thought or memory if you will..... My grandparents house was covered with wood paneling. At some point it was very popular to decorate your home with, god knows why. anyway i used to pick pictures out in the designs of the wood grain. sometimes i would see puppies or other animals but mostly faces. I would imagine it was alive and i felt sorry for the faces trapped in the wood. they always looked unhappy... oh well i was a strange kid.
It's just the cows face...see it yet?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who knew i was so amazing at building fires!